About Algomation

Algomation is a platform for viewing, creating and sharing any type of algorithm. All algorithms on on the site are public and can be viewed and shared by any user of the site. Registered users can create new algorithms or fork existing one.

Algomation.com was created by: Duncan Meech

Useful Links

Help Page
Help for Creating Algorithms
Search for Algorithms
API 1.0 Documentation
API 1.0 Source Code ( Github )
Guided tutorials for the algomation API


Algomation.com is a built with NodeJS/Express and uses a MongoDB database for storage. The entire site is hosted on Heroku. On the client side all code was developed in JavaScript (es5) using various open source libraries including JQuery 2.x, UnderscoreJS and the amazing ACE Code editor. Utilization of the ECMAScript 6 generator functions to produce yield points in your algorithms would not have been possible without the awesome Regenerator project.

Graph algorithms are an important part of computer science and I have used derivatives of springyjs ( force directed graph layout ) and dagre ( directed graph layout ) to power the visualizers for graphs.

The graphics and layout APIs are my own inventions. The algorithms create and manipulate the logical entities ( algo.render.Element derived objects ) which are ultimately rendered as HTML and CSS in the browser.


Hosting a scalable app with a database of non trivial size is unfortunately not free and therefore there are some hopefully not too intrusive ads from the smart guys at Google that help keep the site running.

Road Map

There are a number of obvious enhancements to Algomation that I am looking forward to developing. Here, in no particular order is a list. Let me know via the feedback page what you would like to to see in future versions.