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Click any tutorial to start learning how to create visual algorithms with algomation. The tutorials start with basics before exploring advanced uses of the visualization API.

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Algorithms and Display Elements

A introduction to algomation.com algorithms including an introduction to the display system.

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Display Element Properties and Element Groups

An introduction to changing display element properties, element groups and child elements.

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Rectangles, Circles and Lines

An in depth examination of the core graphics classes and how to control their appearance.

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Color Class and Color Manipulation

The color properties and the color class.

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Shapes and Layout

Introduction to the layout namespace

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Lines, Arrows and Connectors

How to visually connect elements with lines, arrows and the getConnector API.

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Named States and Custom States

Using named states and custom states to simplify property settings

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Advanced Layouts with Visualizers

An introduction to advanced visualizers for graphs, trees and heaps..

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